Ens Te

Betaziod Helmsman


Cameron Notes:
 Stress:
 Determination

 Empathy
 You can sense the emotions of most living beings, and can communicate telepathically with other Empaths or Telepaths.
 Untapped Potential
 Whenever you Succeed at a Task where you bought additional Dice – roll a Challenge Die. Gain Bonus Momentum equal to the roll. If an EFFECT is rolled – also increase the Threat pool by 1.
 Follow my Lead
 Once per Scene, you may spend a Determination – choose an Ally who now gains Assistance from you using your Presence + Command
 Precise Evasion:
 Upon a Successful Evasive Maneuver Starship Action, you may spend 2 Momentum to negate the +1 Difficulty Penalty for attacks made by your ship.

Ens Te

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